Surface treatment

At BIRN we have a multifunctional coating system (MFCS) consisting of several tried and tested surface treatment processes that satisfy every requirement with regard to quality, environment and appearance.

Our surface treatment ensures effective corrosion protection and can be done to specifications in several colors by agreement with the individual customer.

When we perform a surface treatment with a maximum part size of 2.000 x 1.000 x 500 mm, the process is performed with the possibility of the following sub-processes:

  • Pre-treatment (washing and rinsing)
  • ZnMn phosphating
  • ACC (Autophoretic Chemicals Coating)
  • Elektrostatisk high-speed rotation spray painting
  • Powder coating

Our surface treatment department also has an immersion painting system and a manual spraying booth, which is why both low-cost competition and low numbers are considered. We therefore take budget solutions and small batches into consideration.