We are proud to offer our customers an optimal manufacturing process for a broad range of machine-molded castings with a weight up to approximately 50 kg. in both medium and large volumes, with and without cores.

Often, these are large processes and we make sure that they are constantly monitored according to both our own and the customer's requirements. In this way, we ensure a identical quality of the final product. We also work purposefully with both process optimization and minimization of our resource consumption.

Due to our many competences, we supply molded products for a wide range of industries. They include:

  • Automotive
  • Pumps
  • Construction equipment and agricultural machinery
  • Machine design
  • Gears
  • Hydraulics

In order to meet all the requirements and wishes of the customer, we work with the latest technologies in the casting of iron. We therefore feel flexible to cooperate with a wide range of industries due to our wide range of Disamatic molding systems with automatic core insertion, automatic moulders and casting machines, which can be combined with our range of core blowers, blasting plant as well as grinding and cleaning robots.

It can be mentioned that melting and warming takes place in induction ovens, core firing in combination with core blackening and drying takes place in microwave ovens, while grinding and cleaning robots provide a rational and uniform degradation.