About Birn

Vald. Birn A/S was founded in 1896 by Peter Christian Birn, and today the company is one of Northern Europe's largest foundries. One of the core competencies that we are particularly proud of is that we offer a total service of a casting project. We are therefore involved as sparring partner in the design phase as well as we produce the model equipment and we cast, process, surface treat and support our customers as well.

Our headquarters is located in Holstebro, where we employ approximately 500 employees. They contribute to our annual capacity of 45,000 tons, which is why we can produce up to five DISAMATIC plants. We also offer an optimal manufacturing process for a wide range of machine-molded castings with a weight of up to approximately 80 kg. in both medium and large series - both with and without cores.

Apart from the foundry itself, we also have our own machine shop, which is located in the extension of the foundry. Here, we process as well as paint and surface treat the castings. Our machine shop has robust and high-tech production equipment with both flexible and high-volume production cells, which are still being expanded.