Technical Information

BIRN is in a position to mould different sizes in our Disamatic plant and in different material qualities. Mould sizes and material grades are mentioned below.

Disamatic mould sizes

480 x 600 mm
600 x 775 mm
700 x 950 mm

Grey iron according to EN 1561
Properties: Good damping properties
Application examples: Gear housings, hydraulics housings, pump housings, brake discs, etc.
Nodular iron according to EN 1563
Properties: Good tensile strength, dutile.
Application examples: An alternative to steel and drop-forged parts, e.g. in the automotive industry.

Casting tolerances

For machine casting the tolerances are as specified in ISO 8062 CT8 - CT10. For annealed EN-GJL and EN-GJS according to CT9 - CT10.

The tolerances include a mismatch allowance and shrinkage allowance.

For wall thicknesses, the tolerance band used will be higher than for ordinary dimensions.

Machining allowances

The normal machining allowances are: 2 mm for dimensions up to 120 mm 2.5-3 mm for dimensions larger than 120 mm.

See also ISO 8062, grades F-G.

Pattern draft specification

As casting tolerances as per the standards do not include draft, it is important to specify where the draft should be located in relation to the drawing dimensions.

Types of pattern draft: +draft, -draft and +/-draft The draft has to be adjusted to the pattern heights. A deep pattern can make do with a small amount of draft, whereas a shallow pattern needs a lot of draft.

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