Tasso A/S

Tasso A/S was founded in Odense in 1856 and is currently the oldest foundry in Denmark. Initially, the foundry mainly manufactured stoves and central heating boilers; today, the company manufactures cast iron bar stock in various dimensions.

Owing to the production method used, continuous cast iron bar stock has a fine-grained structure, which ensures good density. This, together with excellent pressure tightness, makes cast iron bar stock ideal for manufacturing hydraulic and pump components. It is also highly suitable for numerous other items: Pulleys for V-belts, gear wheels, rings, flanges, covers, valve linings, glass moulds, die-casting moulds, patterns, core boxes, and bushings.

Tasso is certified according to ISO 50001 and holds an environmental certification as well. Its annual production capacity is 20,000 tons.

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                                                            Tasso A/S (Odense, Denmark)
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