David Grønborg, data technician

For how long have you been with BIRN?
I came here as a trainee in August 2007.

How did you get a job at BIRN, and what is your story?
I had just registered for the basic courses of the data technician education, but not found a traineeship yet. A family member knew BIRN’s IT manager whom I contacted and asked if he might need a trainee. Luckily he did just that. When I finished my traineeship in February 2013, I was offered permanent employment as data technician.

Which job functions have you had at BIRN, and which are your present job functions?
My fields of responsibility are user support and network support, which were part of my education too and one of the fields I find most interesting. In addition, I am also in charge of setting up mobile phones, IP telephony, and various other small assignments related to IT and computer technology.

What do you think makes BIRN a good place to work?
We have a very international environment here, which I like a lot. In my job, I get to talk to many different people every day and find it very exciting. There is a great development potential for those who want it. Some, for instance, have been stationed in China where we cooperate with the CMI Group (China Metal Industry).

Mention three things that would incite a job seeker to apply for a job at BIRN?

  • We have a lot of fine colleagues here as well as a very relaxed and informal tone among us.
  • BIRN is involved in a very exciting and fascinating industry.
  • An international environment
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