Anette Toustrup,  canteen

For how long have you been with BIRN?
I started at BIRN in September 1994.

How did you get a job at BIRN, and what is your story?
The former canteen administrator called me and offered me a job while I was on maternity leave from the job I had then. I had talked with her in private and asked her to please call me if they needed help. My husband and I were both working at the Hotel Royal in Holstebro at that time, and our working hours were not compatible with our family life. So one of us had to find a new job. Actually, I did not really know Birn then – all I knew was that all production workers used to be black all over.

Which job functions have you had at BIRN, and which are your present job functions?
I am a trained chef and, since I started here, I have only worked in the canteen where we prepare food, clean, order goods, and serve our guests.

What do you think makes BIRN a good place to work?
The tone here is very informal – also referred to as the “BIRN spirit” – I like that very much. Besides, there is a fine distribution of men and women which gives a good feel where we are often joking with each other.

Mention three things that would incite a job seeker to apply for a job at BIRN?
  • Good and helpful colleagues
  • Good working hours
  • Informal tone and a lot of joking among us
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