Steffen Brågård, stock worker
For how long have you been with BIRN?
I began at BIRN in August 2000.

How did you get a job at BIRN, and what is your story?
I am trained in the sales business but after a few years in this trade, I needed new challenges. At that time, several of my family members and friends worked here and they had some really fine working hours, a lot different from the shop world, so I decided to apply for a job here.

Which job functions have you had at BIRN, and which are your present job functions?
I have tried various job functions during my years here. I began as an operator in the production part of the machine factory. Then I continued in the control department and as a planner assistant in the office. Then I became an operator again, and at the moment I am in charge of the machine factory stock and have been so for quite some time.

What do you think makes BIRN a good place to work?
One of the reasons I have been here for so many years is that I like having the opportunity to develop and get new challenges from time to time. Also, I think I have some nice colleagues and that the workplace tone is very informal, so we can have a lot of fun with each other.

Mention three things that would incite a job seeker to apply for a job at BIRN?
  • Good development potential due to the size of the company
  • It is an old and sound company.
  • You get a chance to make suggestions and help change/optimise things.
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