Lars Peter Poulsen, moulder

For how long have you been with BIRN?
I was employed here in April 1986.

How did you get a job at BIRN, and what is your story?
My father used to work here, and he did not believe there was any future for me in agriculture – which I was originally trained for. Therefore he, literally, dragged me here as he thought that BIRN would be a good and sound place to work. Since then, several of my brothers took up employment here as well, and we are now 5 brothers working here.

Which job functions have you had at BIRN, and which are your present job functions?
I started out as a core inserter but am now mainly working as a moulder, this means that I am in charge of the moulding machine. Still, during my many years here I have been working with all our machines and, generally speaking, I can handle all current work functions in the foundry.

What do you think makes BIRN a good place to work?
Well, there is the well-known “BIRN spirit” which I like very much. A bit tough, but we still have a nice tone among us. I think the company is very good at involving us in the decisions to be made. When, for instance, they are about to buy new Disas, we are always consulted. And that’s quite important actually, because we are the ones who work with the machine every day.

Mention three things that would incite a job seeker to apply for a job at BIRN?

  • We are allowed to speak our minds.
  • We have good colleagues.
  • The “BIRN spirit” still prevails.
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