Development partner

Over the years, BIRN has become a strong development partner and supplier of both machined and unmachined cast iron.

In the start-up phase, BIRN works closely with the customer on the final design of solutions in order to satisfy all customer expectations for quality and functionality.

We use quality assurance tools such as APQP/PPAP in order to ensure optimal production from the very start of a serial production.

CAD/CAM design

Pattern making, machining, and assembly equipment is made exclusively using CAD/CAM documentation, produced internally. Where appropriate, the documentation is based on the customer’s own CAD geometry. At BIRN, we use the following CAD/CAM systems:

- CATIA · Pro-Engineer 
- Powershape (Delcam)
- Powermill (Delcam)
- Mastercam
    Exchange of electronic documentation

    BIRN can exchange electronic documentation in all common standard formats (possibly via EDI).
    Solidification simulation
    BIRN uses MAGMASOFT to simulate solidification as part of the optimisation process for design, gating, feeding, and pattern layout.

    Production equipment

    Pattern making, machining, and assembly equipment is made in BIRN’s own pattern shop and tool department or, alternatively, in collaboration with leading external subcontract pattern manufacturers.

                                                             Production equipment is made with quality, durability, and operator ergonomics in mind.

    Sample castings

    The first parts are cast and machined under the same conditions as in normal serial production. This ensures that sample castings are in every way identical with parts made in current production.

    Sample castings are measured in a metrology lab and a measurement report is created. Advanced 3D-coordinate measuring machines are used for this purpose.
    Constant improvements – method and quality
    BIRN is constantly working on method and quality improvements with a view to ensuring an efficient and eco-friendly production.
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