We offer our customers an optimum manufacturing process for a broad spectrum of machine-moulded castings weighing up to approximately 80 kg, in medium and large volumes, with and without cores.

BIRN provides cast products to i.a. the following industries:

Construction equipment and agricultural machinery
Machine design


Technology and process

At BIRN, we use the latest iron casting technologies.

Our wide range of Disamatic moulding plants together with automatic core insertion and automatic moulders in combination with our core blowers, blasting plant, and grinding/cleaning robots make us very flexible.

 Iron melting and holding at temperature are done in state-of-the-art induction furnaces.
Core shooter combined with core coating and drying in a microwave oven.
Grinding and fettling robots ensure consistent, uniform deburring.

Quality and process optimisation

Our high quality is achieved by means of the following parameters, for example:

  • Careful specification and inspection of raw materials.
  • State-of-the-art melting facilities and analysis methods.
  • Focusing strongly on melt technology ensures the uniform quality and machinability of castings.
  • New machinery and regular servicing by our own specially trained repair team.
  • Detailed process monitoring ensures stable moulding and casting processes.
  • Strict requirements for traceability in production.
  • A motivated, experienced, and qualified workforce.
  • Demand for products that challenge us and help us develop and improve our capabilities.

Our processes are monitored continuously in accordance with our own and our customers’ requirements to ensure the uniform quality of the finished product. We also focus on process optimisation and minimisation of resource consumption.

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