Are you an “Ironman” with the right attitude? Then join us!

Vald. Birn A/S is an old company with great traditions. As Northern Europe’s largest casting group we began in 1896 producing castings only. Today we have approximately 650 employees located in Denmark, Sweden and Germany. At the Group Headquarters in Holstebro, Denmark we have our own machine shop and state of the art surface treatment facilities. We manufacture castings, machined and surface treated to some of the largest companies around the world including to the automotive industry.

For our production lines and the administration areas we are constantly looking for skilled and engaged employees who are dedicated and have the abilities to develop our company. There are a number of different job categories and tasks we want you to be part of. If you can see yourself in a company which focus on personal safety, environment, quality and delivery on time then please send an e-mail to with your application and relevant documents.

Morten Madsen, HR Manager, Vald. Birn A/S
Tlf.: +45 30 16 01 15